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Safety in the Workplace: How to Implement Best Practices for Your Employees

A safe workplace is vital for maintaining employee health, reducing injuries and illnesses, and ensuring overall operational success. Implementing comprehensive safety rules and workplace safety tips lowers the possibility of workplace injuries, leading to a more productive and secure work environment. 

As reported from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), a strong safety and health culture can reduce injury and illness costs, “including significant reductions in workers’ compensation premiums”. (We recommend taking a look at their detailed guide on safety management for more information.)

Developing Workplace Safety Programs

Designing workplace safety programs is crucial for addressing potential hazards, ensuring compliance with safety and health administration regulations and fostering a culture of safety. According to OSHA, the most effective safety management systems encompass the following elements:

  1. Management commitment and employee involvement
  2. Worksite analysis
  3. Hazard prevention and control
  4. Safety and health training

To implement these elements, management should first identify possible hazards within the workplace, such as high-risk areas, hazardous chemicals, and unsafe practices. This can be done through regular inspections and employee feedback.

Once hazards are identified, make sure to develop policies and safety protocols to address these risks. This might include creating specific procedures for handling hazardous substances, setting up safety equipment, and establishing emergency response plans in case of accidents.

Encourage Employees to Prioritize Safety

For temporary workers, we agree with the OHSA recommendation: “Host employers should provide temporary workers with safety training that is identical or equivalent to that provided to the host employers’ own employees performing the same or similar work.”

Employees play a significant role in creating a safe work environment. Encourage employees to report potential hazards, participate in safety training sessions, and adhere to established safety protocols. Incentivizing employee compliance through rewards or recognition can strengthen dedication to workplace safety.

Ensure safety training is an integral part of employee orientation and ongoing education. Regular safety meetings, workshops, and refresher courses demonstrate an ongoing commitment to worker safety and an investment in employee health.

No organization should underestimate the severity of workplace injuries. According to the Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index, “workplace injuries cost businesses over a billion dollars per week”. These results highlight the importance of creating a safe work environment that prioritizes worker safety over profits or deliverables.

Monitor, Adjust, and Improve

Continuously monitor your workplace safety programs by measuring their effectiveness in reducing workplace injuries and illnesses. This can be done by conducting regular audits, reviews, and employee feedback sessions. The Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index offers valuable insights into the leading causes of disabling US workplace injuries, enabling businesses to target specific high-risk areas.

Addressing gaps and adjusting policies as needed ensures that your workplace safety best practices remain current and effective. Regular communication to employees regarding any alterations in safety procedures will contribute to a well-informed workforce committed to workplace safety.


Implementing best practices for workplace safety is essential for reducing injuries and illnesses and fostering a safe work environment. Comprehensive workplace safety programs, that take OSHA’s safety management elements into account, serve as a solid foundation. Encouraging employee participation in maintaining safety, continually monitoring the effectiveness of safety policies, and adjusting as necessary, further contribute to a strong culture of safety.

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