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What Are Temp Agencies and How Can They Benefit You?

In today’s dynamic job market, temp agencies offer a bridge between companies needing short-term workers and individuals seeking temporary employment. But what exactly is a temp agency, and how does it differ from other staffing agency services? This guide delves into the workings of temp agencies and explores the benefits for workers and employers.

What is a Temp Agency?

A temp agency, also known as a temporary employment agency, specializes in connecting job seekers looking for short-term work with employers needing temporary assistance. These agencies typically cover a wide range of industries, from clerical work to manual labor, and everything in between. As a comprehensive staffing agency, Hamilton Connections offers the nimbleness of a temp agency with the breadth of a staffing agency. Our services bridge the gap for companies seeking the right talent for varying durations and job seekers pursuing new career paths, whether short-term or permanent positions.

How Temp Agencies Work

Employers contact temp agencies with details about the job and the required qualifications. The agency then matches this request with their database of job seekers, selecting candidates that fit the criteria. Temp workers are employed by the agency, not the company where they are placed, and the agency takes care of salaries, taxes, and other administrative tasks.

How Much Do Agencies Charge for Temps?

Typically, agencies charge employers a markup on the employee’s hourly rate. Pricing varies depending on factors such as the industry, type of job, how short or long term it is and the volume of temporary employees a company is using.

Why Would Someone Go Through a Temp Agency?

Choosing to work with a temp agency can offer flexibility, a quick path to employment, and the opportunity to test out different roles and industries without long-term commitments. For employers, temp agencies can provide a hassle-free way to address staffing needs, with the added benefit of vetting candidates ahead of time.

The Benefits of Working with a Temp Agency

  • Flexibility for workers and employers: Temp agencies offer adaptable employment solutions that benefit both parties, allowing workers to choose when and where they work, and employers to adjust their workforce based on current needs.
  • Immediate employment opportunities for job seekers: Temp agencies typically have a variety of positions available immediately, reducing the waiting time for those eager to start working and earning quickly.
  • Work experience in various industries: Working with a temp agency allows individuals to gain valuable experience across multiple sectors, enhancing their resumes and broadening their career prospects.
  • No-cost job search for candidates: Temp agencies provide a free service to job seekers, helping them find employment without any financial burden, which can be particularly beneficial for those who are currently unemployed or looking to change careers.


Navigating the world of temporary employment can be a journey full of opportunities and challenges. Whether you’re an employer looking to fill a short-term need or a job seeker exploring your options, temp agencies can offer a valuable service. If you have any questions or are in search of a temp agency or temporary position, feel free to contact us. We’re here to unlock doors and connect opportunities.