6 Easy Steps to Winning Job Descriptions!

Writing a job description is more than just…well, a job description. Your goal is to sell the job seeker on your company – tell them exactly why they want to work for you! Be clear. Be concise. Be informative. And we promise it’s not that hard!

1. The Job Title:
Ensure your job title catches the right talent.
Be specific and self-explanatory — job titles are typically the primary keyword on online searches.
Accurately define:

  • Role and responsibilities
  • Expectations
  • Required Degree and experience
  • Position’s rank within the company

Be simple and clear.
Don’t be “cute” or “clever” — people search for specifics.

2. The Summary:
The summary briefly gives an overview of the company. Remember, it’s a sales pitch. You are convincing key talent why they should come work for you, so be sure to include unique, attractive things about your business. Include a brief description of the role as well.

3. The Duties/Responsibilities:
Next, you want to list their responsibilities and specific duties. Play off both the job title and the summary in furthering the picture you’re painting for the possible candidate. Give a visual of a typical day in the position. Be detailed since you don’t want any surprises upon hire, but also be concise. It’s wise for you and your hiring manager to go over this together so that you’re on the same page before the interviews begin.

4. The Requirements:
Now it’s time to expand on skills and experience. What will it take what to complete the above responsibilities? What hard skills does this job require? What soft skills? How much previous experience or education is needed? It’s a great time to create a list, but while it might be tempting to include everything you desire in your ideal hire, too many points might turn a job seeker away.

5. The Benefits:
The light is at the end of the tunnel…you’re almost to the end of writing a fabulous job description!
Share the perks of working for your company – the why choose us factor. Include the basics – healthcare benefits, 401K, holiday and vacation, and the plusses, such as flexible scheduling, onsite amenities, childcare, or any other attention-grabbing options.
There’s a lot of debate on whether to include the salary in your job option. Some employers do it; some don’t, but since salary is one of the reasons that employees switch jobs, we recommend including a salary range.

6. The CTA:
Make it easy for job seekers to apply. Include links to both mobile and online applications, a phone number to call, and an email address.

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