Office Etiquette — Top 7 Rules to Follow

Office etiquette is critical to a pleasant and functioning office space. Etiquette is just treating others the way you want to be treated. It is respect and professionalism. Of course, good etiquette includes being courteous, avoiding pettiness, and following basic social, behavioral norms. While every office and workspace has its code of appropriate behavior, some […]

Setting Goals for Your Business — 5 Steps You Need to Follow!

Setting goals for your business is an integral part of growth. Without goals, you have no way to chart yourself, and potential growth becomes random and ambiguous. However, there is a strategy to setting business goals. So, if you’re getting ready to set some new goals for your business, follow these five steps for success! […]

Good Leaders Are Good Followers

“He who cannot be a good follower cannot be a good leader.” –Aristotle Aristotle was a smart guy, but how does being a follower connect to being a good leader? Don’t, leaders lead, and followers follow? But wait –every military general started out as a lowly soldier. And every company president started somewhere a whole […]

Top 7 Things To Avoid During an Interview

Congratulations! You just scheduled an interview. You are one step closer to getting your dream job! But studies show that candidates get pretty nervous regarding interviews. (So if that’s you, you’re not alone!) Thankfully, you can do things to help you calm your nerves and ace your interview, but today, let’s talk about some things […]

Managing a Negative Employee

We’ve all experienced it –the negative employee who never says anything positive and always anticipates the worst. Unfortunately, a single negative attitude spills over the rest of the team pretty quickly. It can: Lower morale Breed resentment Increase turnover Generate customer dissatisfaction Incur liabilities As you probably know from personal experience, working with a “Negative […]

Proactive Employee Engagement

To be perfectly honest, proactive employee engagement is the only genuine employee engagement. Creating an engaging workplace never just happens –it takes intentional choices. Your business success will only do as well as your employee engagement. Nurturing and growing your employees is a pillar of business leadership. Building Employee Engagement Lay a firm foundation –It […]