Celebrating October — at Home and in the Office

“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”      — Anne Shirley, Anne of Green Gables

 We are thankful for Octobers, too.

After all, some of the best and sweetest things in life come along with October. Like sweater weather and all things pumpkin. Glorious colors and crunchy, rustling leaves. Football, tailgate parties, and bonfires with hot apple cider. Throw in a fall festival or two and a corn maze, then close the month with Halloween.

You get the idea. October is one of the best months of the year. Plus, it is the calm before the storm of the busy holiday season. So, break out the celebrations –at home with your family and at the office with your ‘other family.’

October Celebration Ideas!

Some suggestions are meant for your work team, others are for you and the kids, and a few are great for both. The most important thing is to have fun!

  1. Pumpkin Decorating Contest

Whether painted, carved, or hot-glue-gunned, there is no end to the decorating choices. Throw in a little friendly competition and magnify the fun. Kids and grown-ups alike love a good contest. So why not host a pumpkin carving or decorating contest?

  1. Visit a Fall Festival

Would October be October without a visit to a local fall festival? Fall-time festivals, often hosted by family farms, include attractions like corn mazes, pumpkin patches, harvest-themed games, hayrides, produce picking, and fresh hot doughnuts. Festivals make a fun family day and a delightful work outing for team members and their families. In addition, some fall festival venues offer fire pit “rentals” for parties and group events.

  1. Host a Tailgate Party

Likely, there’s a little sports rivalry at work, which seems to intensify during football season. Host a tailgate party potluck in the parking lot to celebrate October and everyone’s favorite teams. If there is a big game showing (you know – the one that has the office split right down the middle), find a way to show the game during the party.

  1. Chili Cook-Off

Pretty much everyone loves chili. And everyone thinks their recipe is the best. So why not host a chili-cook-off for the whole office and invite family and friends to come and judge to determine the ultimate chili-master. Or make your favorite at home. Since you get to eat chili, either way, both choices are a win!

  1. Build a Bonfire

One of the best parts of cooler weather is the warmth of a perfect bonfire. Make sure to include s’mores, hot apple cider, and ghost stories. Invite your neighbors and make it a neighborhood bash!

  1. Costume Day!

One of the month’s highlights is Halloween, and why should the kids be the only ones to dress up. Have one day where everyone can come in their favorite costume –following safety standards permit. Then, make it a contest with incentivizing prizes for the best in different costume categories. (i.e., Scariest Costume, Most Original, The Penny Pincher, or The Funniest.)

      7. Outside Scavenger Hunt

Send your kids outside to collect Fall stuff things, such as leaves from each of the trees in your neighborhood, pinecones, mushrooms, acorns, or winged seeds. Send them out with a checklist and an empty egg carton to collect their finds. The first one back with all their items gets a prize!

  1. Make Fall Candles

Fall scented candles are one of the best parts of the whole season. Candles are relatively easy to make and a great fall time craft at home. You can find the supplies at your local craft supply store, including October scents like cinnamon, pumpkin, and maple.   Not only are they fun to make, but they also make your home smell fabulous.

  1. Soak in the Colors

Take your family on a drive to your nearest state park or a scenic highway to enjoy the beauty of the season. Or, if road trips are not your thing, take everyone on a trek through the woods — the fall weather is perfect for hiking!

Every season is full of opportunities to cherish the relationships in your life. At Hamilton Connections, we are all about relationships — that’s why we focus on building, supporting, and connecting the relationships around us. That includes you! We’re always here for you as we continue to match the right talent to the right opportunity for your business!