Christmas and COVID — Keeping Up Morale This Holiday Season

You are fully prepared for the craziness of this odd holiday season. You specialized in your marketing, increased your online presence and availability, and hired extra help early.  You set up sanitation stations galore and mapped out procedures and guidelines to keep people safe and healthy.

You thought you were ready for the madness, but now that it is here, how has morale been? Has 2020 taken the wind out of your employees’ sails?

We know – it’s been a challenging time, but here are some tips for catching the wind and getting back on course by boosting company morale.

It Starts with Encouragement

Affirming your employees is always essential, but never so much as now.

  • Recognize their work — both privately and publicly.
  • Give genuine and authentic praise.
  • Speak positive truths to them.
  • Communicate clearly – it’s hard to keep spirits up when you are confused.
  • Reinforce teamwork and relationships between employees.
  • Listen.
  • Stay connected — make sure your employees are hanging in there through all the craziness.

Employees need to know you see, hear, and appreciate them.

Bring on the Fun

The holidays may be a time to put your head down and get the job done but create a little fun while doing it.

  • Host holiday-themed contests — ugly Christmas sweaters, crazy Christmas socks, or, in keeping with the times, what about a holiday-themed mask contest? After all, everyone loves good-natured competition.
  • Hide an elf somewhere different every day and give a prize to the employee who finds it first.
  • Hold a Secret Santa drawing, but set a price limit so everyone can participate.
  • And by golly, playing Christmas music never hurts!

Inspire Gratitude

Reflecting on the blessings of life tends to raise one’s spirits!

  • Set up a Christmas tree in the break room and provide paper ornaments. Allow employees to write down things they are thankful for on the ornaments and hang them up on the tree.
  • Host a company-wide charity drive. Ask employees to bring in new or gently used items to give to a local homeless shelter. Or ask employees to nominate their charity of choice to receive an extra cash donation from the company.

It has been a challenging year for everyone, so keeping morale up is pivotal. It is not just for productivity, but for your whole team’s mental health and spirits, so keep up the positivity and good work!  2021 is almost here!

Three cheers from Hamilton Connections, for working extra hard this year to balance the fluidity of 2020.  If you have any questions about building your team up for the new year, don’t hesitate to call! We consider ourselves placement specialists and cannot wait to help make next year easier. Call today!