Foster a Sense of Belonging  

If there’s anything 2020, with all of its Zoom meetings and social distancing, taught us, it’s that we humans are hardwired for connection and belonging.  Besides meeting a deep, emotional need, employees who feel a sense of belonging are more likely to stay with the company — reducing the high cost of turnover.

7 Ways to Help Your Employees Belong

  1. Get Their Input

Nothing makes someone feel like they matter more than when someone higher up asks their opinion. Ask your employees what they think about the new workflow. Get their take on different projects at your next team meeting. It provides a sense of ownership, as well as of belonging.

  1. Encourage Growth

Personal and career growth matter to your employees — let them know it matters to you too.  Encourage extra training. Offer in-company promotions. Provide additional responsibilities and career-building stepping-stones.  Promoting growth not only boosts morale but also inspires loyalty and initiative.

  1. Give Them Purpose

Demonstrate to employees that their work has purpose and meaning. Cast your vision for the company and share with them how they help fulfill that vision.  It gives them the sense that they are a part of something bigger than themselves.

Give them purpose as a team by uniting them with common goals. This gives them a realization of belonging individually and helps them know they belong together as a unit.

  1. Recognize Their Efforts

Your people are the heart of your company –Your most valuable asset. Ensure they know that you know. Both public and private recognition for their hard work goes a long way and is a huge motivator. But be genuine —employees can spot fake praise with lightning speed!

  1. Be Their Ally

Your employees need to know that you have their back.  When they have a “situation” with a customer or client, they need to know you care about their side of the story, too.

Let them know you care about them as people —not just as names on the payroll. Be someone they trust!

  1. Create a Culture of Camaraderie

Have fun with your employees. Encourage them to have fun with each other as well.  While you certainly want work to be done and productivity to stay on par, you also want them to enjoy themselves in the meantime.

  1. Celebrate Success Together

In addition to recognizing each team member’s accomplishments, celebrate the successes of the whole team! It takes a village, after all, and commemorating significant benchmarks helps them look back and recognize what they’ve done together.

At Hamilton Connections, we value relationships. That’s why we specialize in placing the right people with the right people. Matching the right talent to the right opportunity is everything. We know it’s important to you, too, so give us a call today and let’s get started!