In with Summer – Out with Productivity? 

Summer has arrived – those golden days of sun, sand, daylight hours, and lazy afternoons. Wait. That’s great for the employee who’s on vacation, but not at the office, or on the production line. Let’s face it, the arrival of summer inevitably brings a loss of productivity, so isn’t it time to do something about it?  

We’ve put together some hot tips to keep your business cool and steady all summer.  


Open the windows: Yes, we really said that. Of course, we aren’t talking about when it’s 90 degrees and 90% humidity, but if it’s a cool day, a little fresh air can be rejuvenating. Better yet, if you have space, set up picnic tables outdoors for employees to use at lunchtime or on their breaks. Some companies have even chosen to let office workers take their laptops outdoors.   


Be flexible: Change up the work schedule to free up days for fun without losing productivity. Consider letting office staff work part of their week from home. For positions that cannot be remote, try a four 10-hour day work week, allowing for 3-day weekends. If your business involves a production line, try having half of your workers work three 12-hour days Monday – Wednesday and the other half work three 12-hour days Thursday – Saturday. Offer to pay 40 hours for their thirty-six if they meet production goals.   


Create a challenge: Ensure your staff feels needed and challenged – it can be motivating. Set up a friendly competition between departments or shifts with fun rewards for the winners. Provide incentives – perhaps an early release on Friday if production goals are met. Encourage workers to cross-train. Not only does this challenge them, but it also helps cover when co-workers are on vacation.  


Prepare for Vacation: And speaking of vacation, more than 60% of employees take their vacation in the summer. Be ready. Ask employees to turn in requests several weeks ahead of time. Establish a policy for when several people from the same department want the same week. You can go by first come first serve, by seniority, or have a vacation lottery. Here’s where that cross-training pays off. Another option to consider is contracting with a staffing company for temp workers to support your staff during shortages.  


Communicate: Ensure that your staff and line workers understand their responsibilities and have the tools for the task. Hold regular ‘briefings’ to share company news, project updates, production status, etc. Keep them informative, but short and interlaced with words of appreciation, humor, and human-interest stories from workers. When your staff feels connected, appreciated, and have fun together, production goes up.  


Share productivity hacks: Offer tips to increase productivity. Give rewards to workers who suggest an idea that proves to be successful.   

Building a culture of connectedness from the newest entry-level employee to the CEO, challenge, employee appreciation, and open communication not only helps keep your summer productive, but it also creates a successful business all year long. The staff at Hamilton Connections hopes your summer is highly productive. Weare here to help you with your staffing needs. Focusing on light industrial, skilled trade and professional staffing, the company has developed a reputation for unparalleled customer service and the vision needed to develop recruiting plans for some of the top manufacturers in Connecticut and Massachusetts. Contact us today.