Job Searching During the Holidays? — Here’s Why It’s a Good Idea!

Are you considering postponing your job search until after the new year? Well, think again! Contrary to popular belief, this is an excellent time of year to be looking for work!

Here are some reasons why:

Businesses are Still Hiring!

The need for hiring is year-round, depending on workflow, growth, and industry pressures. These needs do not go away in December. Instead, they might increase.

  • December marks the busiest season of the year for many businesses, and extra hands are needed.
  • Employers are trying to meet end-of-the-year budgets tied to the headcount of employees.
  • Current staff members are taking PTO, and employers need to fill those spots with temp workers.
  • This year, employers may have at-risk workers who do not currently feel safe working outside the home. If you are not at-risk and feel comfortable working with and around the public, you might be the person to fill that gap.

Scheduling and holiday travel sometimes make holiday hiring more complicated — but do not assume businesses aren’t currently hiring.

There’s Less Competition

Many job seekers choose to take time off from the hunt for themselves and their families during this season, which is great for them. It is good for you, too, since now there are fewer people in the candidate pool, pushing your resume to the top of the pile. Plus, making yourself available for interviews and sticking with it during a busy season demonstrates you have got an incredible work ethic!

Temp-Jobs May Turn into Permanent Ones

Temp hires are immensely popular during the holiday season. But the thing is, those temp jobs have a lot of potential for turning into permanent roles. So, don’t hesitate to consider a temp position. It might turn into your dream job!

Looking for work during the holidays is a good option, but it does come with its own set of challenges. So, during your holiday job search, make sure you are also doing the following:

  • Work holiday parties! Even with COVID still in full swing, the holidays tend to be full of social events. And if you are making sure to stay safe, network those crowds. Let people know you are looking for work and let them know why you are a great candidate!
  • Touch up your social media accounts. LinkedIn is a big one. Make sure that you are posting often and making contacts with people in your preferred industry. Include an updated copy of your resume on your page.
  • Update your resume. Ensure it is neat and tidy. Remove any outdated or unnecessary info. Add any new skills or jobs. (And check that spelling!)
  • Prepare! Even if you choose not to apply during the season, you can still be in prep mode. Read job descriptions and brush up on needed skill sets. Organize all your job search paperwork, so nothing gets mixed up. Make contact lists and draft emails to send once you hit the new year.

And as always, if you are looking for work, we are just a phone call away! At Hamilton Connections, we match the right people to the right people — no matter the time of year!

We promise that we will make it as easy as possible to enjoy time with your family still. Call today, and let’s get started!