Leading a Company Merger or Acquisition

The only constant in life is change. Change comes in all shapes and sizes, from something as seemingly insignificant as the color of your milk carton (got to love rebranding) to something as large and formidable as a company merger or acquisition.

Maybe you see one coming down the pike in your company, and while the growth is tremendous for you, the fear and uncertainty of change can wreak havoc among your workers.

As an employer, leading the company merger falls to you. So how will you lead your team through the transition? Tips from your Hamilton Connections –

Welcome the New Team

Team members, both current and joining, may question their place and identity in the company. On a logistical level, yes — but also relationally.  Give the incoming team members a heartfelt welcome and create an environment of relationship and trust.

Integrate the Cultures

Integrating a team after a merger is a challenge on a logistical and legal scale, but your job also includes integrating and aligning two cultures into one.

  • Involve the employees from both companies in cross-functional, post-integration collaboratives to peg out logistical details. (This allows employees to work around any differences and provides ownership of the situation.)
  • Focus on keeping the best of both worlds, rather than abolishing one whole culture entirely. The merger is a business union, not a hostile takeover.
  • Capture any opportunity for the “two cultures” to talk with one another. Group functions. Company picnics. Team dinners. Training seminars. You get the idea.
  • You must align your leadership teams. If they’re not on the same page, no one else will be on the same page.
  • Get your “influencers” on board with you. These are the people who know the heartbeat of the company. People listen to them, love them, and follow their lead.

Cast the Vision

An old Japanese proverb says, “A vision without action is a dream. Action without vision is a nightmare.”  Empower and unify the company with a relatable, relevant, and future-focused vision.

Keep Communication Open

Be open and available for questions. It gains you far more trust, much more rapidly than if you stayed locked in your office working on paperwork. Stay in dialogue with your people — especially regarding culture and day-to-day workflow.

Listen and Receive Feedback

Remember, those you may see as your most prominent critics may be your biggest supporters. Their tough questions demonstrate their deep care for the company. Get them on board by involving them and hearing them out.

Increase Online Safeguards

Keep in mind that protecting data is of the utmost importance as you integrate and share digital data among the new team members. Company policy and contact info, customer data, payment, and monetary records must now be blended, shared — and protected.

Company mergers and acquisitions are an opportunity for new products, new services, unique talent, and revenue growth. So, remember:

  • Be the Encourager-in-Chief.
  • Set trackable goals.
  • Anticipate the challenges.
  • Celebrate the victories.
  • Don’t give up – the end goal is worth it!

Company mergers are not for the faint of heart! If you’re going through a merger and are looking for temporary or permanent, part-time, or new full-time help — we’ve got your back. We think of ourselves as placement professionals and looking forward to matching you with the precisely right, next-new-hire. Call Hamilton Connections today, and let us take care of you and your team!