Leading with A Coach’s Heart

In today’s workforce, there is a real need for business leaders with coaches’ hearts. Employees are looking for personal and professional growth. Likewise, you are looking for growth within your company and for goals to be met. With a coach’s leadership style, both are possible!

What is a Coach Leader?

The coach leadership style is collaborative, involving employees in their growth and company growth. It mentors and encourages. It creates a culture of high performance. A coaching leader pushes, inspires, and mentors their employees to take ownership and personal responsibility for their work. They develop solutions with their staff, both taking part in and observing the choices their employees make.

Some characteristics of a coach leader include:

  • Active listener
  • Accountability builder
  • Effective Communicator
  • Motivated to serve
  • Ability to unlock potential
  • High emotional intelligence

The Benefits of Coach Leadership

Coaching style leadership can be challenging. It takes time, patience, and kindness. For example, when employees make mistakes, a coach-leader chooses to accept short-term failures, believing they lead to long-term successes, even though results may be slow.

So, why do I want to develop a coaching-style leadership? Because the tremendous benefits of coach leadership that evolve far outweigh the challenges. For example, coaching leadership:

  • Creates a positive work culture of support
  • Forges strong bonds between you and your team
  • Enhances performance
  • Develops a pattern of healthy feedback
  • Provides more profound insight into your company
  • Improves overall communication

How to be a Coach Leader

There are various books, articles, and tools on coaching leadership, but here are a few top tips to help you out!

  1. Give Good Feedback

The most vital tool of coaching-leadership is consistent, healthy feedback. When some attitudes and actions need to be addressed, ask open-ended questions to ascertain root issues; balance praise and constructive criticism. Perhaps schedule 1-2-1’s with staff members regularly to maintain growth.

  1. Promote Growth

Promote growth by allowing your employees to take the initiative. Encourage them to invest in self-growth and give them tools to do so. Let them test their limits and workflow systems. (Keep in mind, at the end of the day, you’re still the boss, who needs to ensure goals are met and work is well done)

  1. Build Relationships

One of the best ways to develop a coach leadership style is to build relationships with your employees. Get to know them as individuals, not just as members of your staff. Relationships generate trust, which feeds initiative and growth.

  1. Focus on Self-Growth

A key to being a coach is self-awareness and personal development. It takes emotional intelligence and humility to know you do not have all the answers. So be willing to invest in yourself, too!

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