Looking for a Fresh Start in Your Career? Consider Your Clerical Side.

Every industry needs clerical help. After all, a business cannot run without “taking care of business.” Somebody must answer the phone, keep track of data, manage the books, organize, schedule, and the list continues.

The plus side is while clerical positions usually require a calm, unruffled, pleasant personality and strong attention to detail, they typically do not require extensive education. While experience is a plus in any job, including clerical positions, many jobs in this field including training. Now we’re not saying there aren’t skills that will help land you in the right spot, but you don’t need a 4-yr. Degree.

As a clerical temp, you will provide general office support. What it involves depends a lot on the industry, but some basic skills include:

The Basics:

  • Ability to listen to instructions and then follow directions.
  • Understanding how to prioritize your to-do list and manage your timeline.
  • Entry-level math and organizational skills.
  • A friendly, upbeat, helpful attitude.

Communication: A clerical temp is often making connections from department to department within the company, B2B, and B2C. You will need to communicate appropriately, accurately, and professionally via phone calls (this could be a biggie), emails, social media inquiries, etc. And speaking of being a professional, that leads us into another soft skill.

Customer Service: Clerical temps are sometimes in customer-facing positions. Mastering the art of customer service is crucial. Being pleasant even when your day has gone south; delivering patience with a smile even when a customer is well . . . not so agreeable; making every customer feel like they are the only one who matters at the moment –now you are getting the picture. Customer service skills are essential.

Computer Skills: Hey, let’s face it. You need to know your way around a computer. From Microsoft Word to Excel to invoices and filing, scheduling, data entry, etc., the computer reigns in the office, and you need to know how to use it.

Perhaps you lost your position due to the pandemic, but now you need to step back into the job cycle. Maybe you are returning to work after spending time with children or helping an aging parent. Perhaps you are fresh out of school and unsure which direction to head, or maybe you’re just ready for a change. Whatever the reason, considering a temp position in the clerical field could be the perfect answer. There is a lot more variety than many think, and as we said before, every industry includes a clerical aspect.

Hamilton Connection connects applicants to a wide variety of jobs, including clerical positions. We help each applicant find the right place. We even help you build a resume. Go ahead. Contact us today and give your career a fresh start.