Making the Most of Virtual Recruiting

Virtual Recruiting was a viable option before COVID -19, but the pandemic has undoubtedly increased the need to make it a standard procedure. If you’ve been fighting the inevitable and the thought of adjusting to a new “virtual reality” makes you break out in a cold sweat— no worries. We’ve got your back at Hamilton Connections – Virtual Recruitment 101!

Host Virtual Job Fairs

Host an online event and invite prospective candidates to join in. (Part of the beauty of going virtual is that candidates from across the nation – or even globally, can join in as well.)


  • A link where candidates can send their resumes before the fair. (This allows your department heads to review resumes and be on the lookout for candidates who attract their attention.
  • A video tour of the company
  • Live video conferencing where prospective candidates can meet the team.
  • Opportunities to join break out “rooms” to meet with individuals in your company.
  • Video conferencing, teleconferencing, webcasts, and webinars to share information with possible candidates.
  • Chat boxes to make it easy for candidates to ask their questions.

Conduct Video Interviews 

In today’s world, virtual interviews have never been easier. This isn’t to say they don’t come without challenges, though, so here are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Test run your technology to avoid glitches in the middle of the interview. Run through the process with a current team member to get the kinks worked out.
  • Ensure both you and the prospective hire are set up in a well-lit space. Poor lighting makes it difficult to see the candidate via video, which then makes it challenging to connect with them at all.
  • Set your candidates up for success by letting them know precisely what your expectations are for the interview. Suggest they test run their equipment and tools as well.
  • Watch your body language. No slacking off in the virtual context. They can still see you!
  • Not all video conference platforms are created equal. Learn what you need and find the platform that works best for you.

Prepare for Digital Onboarding  

Virtual recruiting may lead to virtual onboarding as well when hiring for a “working remote position.” Details to remember include:

  • Digitize all your materials – make things downloadable for their convenience.
  • Provide links to videos.
  • Host a virtual team lunch to introduce the new hire to the team.
  • Open communication is vital. Assign a mentor to check-in and often communicate with the new hire. Knowing they have someone to rely on when they have questions is critical.

It’s All About Balance  

Just because the medium has evolved doesn’t mean your entire process has to change. You may discover that there are crucial elements, which you depended on in face-to-face interviews. Be flexible enough to add or subtract steps to compensate for what you miss during in-person recruitment. Ultimately, it’s all about finding what works best for your company without compromising your standards. It’s a balancing act, but you’ve got this. We believe in you!

Sure — COVID-19 has rocked the world and our economy, but we can face the future together, by building connections, relationships, and excellence in the workplace. We here at  Hamilton Connections are here to help you forge your way through the new normal. Based in New England, with a focus on people, we want to connect you with the quality employees that your company deserves. Questions?  Contact us today!