On the Job Training  

Congratulations! Your business is once again up and running – under CDC guidelines, of course, but ready to roll. Some of your previous employees, however, are not coming back, and the new kid on the block needs a little help getting started. Actually, he/she needs a dose of OJT (on-the-job training). It’s time for a seasoned employee to teach the new guy the tricks of the trade. Hands-on instructions, incorporating technology, tools, and common sense to ensure they not only know what to do, but how to do it. Sure, it takes the ‘instructor’ away from fully concentrating on his/her usual tasks, but OJT has proven to be essential human resource management. It’s efficient, effective and offers multiple benefits.

⦁   It builds employee morale, which, of course, sends a ripple of positivity throughout the company.

⦁   It promotes a team-focused atmosphere and increases employee engagement.

⦁   It increases confidence; in the new employee who has a higher chance of success in his/her new role, and in the ‘teacher’ who gains satisfaction in sharing his/her knowledge.

⦁   It’s is more efficient and less costly than sending the new employee for outside training and speeds up the process of adapting to a new job in a new workplace.

⦁   The new employee is training while using the same tools that he/she will be using on the job.

⦁   By applying their newly learned skill at once, new employees are more apt to retain information and job ability, speeding up their proficiency development.

⦁   Training others creates an atmosphere of internal coaching and learning, while also building and refining the skills of both the trainee and the trainer.

⦁   Expectations are communicated as needed and applied as situations arise, enabling the new employee to learn current protocol in real-time circumstances.

While OJT programs are beneficial, setting up one requires thoughtful consideration. The training must be relevant to the position and targeted toward the typical worker for each role. They need to offer useful information while refraining from overload. Choose trainers wisely. They not only need to have the necessary knowledge and experience to teach it to another, but they also must be adept at teaching.

Of course, hiring employees with an aptitude for learning, and a willingness to be taught is essential. Connecting with Hamilton Connections will give your company a head start. Since 1986, we have been providing our clients with qualified employees regardless of whether assignments are temporary, contract, temp to hire, or direct hire placements.