Passive Candidates and Long-Term Vision — 5 Tips for Recruiting

The job market is tight right now.  The reality is that many, many candidates, the same ones you want and need, are already employed and not looking for work. These “passive candidates” are not looking for a career change. But they are probably open to at least talking. If the shoe fits, that is.

A LinkedIn study showed that:

  • 79% of working professionals are passive candidates.
  • They are 120% more likely to desire a positive impact.
  • They are 33% more likely to choose challenging work.

Bringing this créme-de-la-créme type of talent into your company takes some long-term strategy.

Here are 5 tips to get you started.

  1. Strengthen Your Brand

Today’s workforce cares about authenticity. If you want to woo a candidate to your team, you must be an employer of choice.

How you market your company matters. Do your communications reflect your story and your values? Does your customer base trust you? Do your current employees speak well of you? Before you even reach out to a passive candidate, do they know who you are and that your company is an ideal place to work?

  1. Assess Your Needs

You cannot sell something you don’t have. The same goes for recruiting talent. Know your needs, both current and projected. Talk to your hiring managers to determine what (and who) they think would fit with the company culture. Once you know what you need, you can confidently approach candidates with offers you know you can meet.

  1. Build Relationship

Because passive candidates are not necessarily looking for a career change, building relationship is pivotal. And while you can be honest about the fact that you are interested in having them join your team, don’t put out too much pressure too quickly. Learn what their goals are. Stay in touch with them. Send them emails and white papers with content about your company to pique their interest. Find out what they want to know and make sure those answers are at their fingertips. Keep yourself in the back of their minds while getting to know them, too. Make sure all your communication is personalized and genuine.

They may not be ready now, but when they are, you will be there with a relationship started and a foot in the door.

  1. Involve Your Current Team

A unified team is the all-time, biggest secret to sourcing passive candidates—partner with your hiring managers and recruiters through the whole process.  Having them on board is essential.  If your team isn’t engaged, no candidate pool will cut it –no matter how big or fabulous it is.

Also, consider checking with employees who were recently sourced and hired. Learn what worked for them and why they jumped the fence.

  1. Make the Process Painless

Make it as painless and straightforward as possible for your passive candidate to join your team. From a smooth application to an easy transition and onboarding, ensure the experience is personal and positive. Offer an attractive package that fits the candidate. (That’s why building a relationship was crucial).

At Hamilton Connections, we believe that relationship is everything. And we have a whole pool full of relationship-oriented talent waiting to be matched to you. Give us a call today, and let us help you connect!