Preparing for Re-Opening: Simple Suggestions to Help You Out 

If you’re asking yourself the question, “What do I do to prepare my business for re-opening?” well, you’re not alone. There are countless business owners all across the world, asking that very question.

And no matter your opinion regarding Covid-19 — and there are many different and valid opinions out there — for you to open your re-open your business to the public successfully, there are regulations and guidelines you must follow.

Here are just a few tips and things to be thinking about:

Contact your customer base: 

Let them know that your doors are opening up and that you’ll be following safety procedures. Their perception of how you view their safety will significantly affect how they perceive your business, so you want their trust as you monitor the situation.

Contact your employees:

Maybe you had to lay off or furlough some of your staff. Reach out to employees to let them know you’re re-opening. Some may not be ready to come back to work — they may have an at-risk loved one, or are immunocompromised themselves — so be prepared to begin hiring again.

Formulate a sanitation plan:

Make a note of what are commonly touched and handled items. Research the difference between cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting and determine what things need one or even all three of those steps. Make a plan about who, how often, and with what supplies this will be managed.

Be hyper-aware of the everyday surfaces you touch without thinking; doorknobs, elevator buttons, keyboards.

Provide social distancing markers: 

You already see these pretty much everywhere you go. On the floor, stretched across barriers, or designated signs telling you where to stand. It might feel uncomfortable to enforce where people need to stand — but it helps keep everyone the recommended 6 feet apart.

Depending on your industry, you may also need to provide barriers or shields to stand between customers and between employees.

Provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) aka – A MASK: 

Perhaps one of the most debated aspects of this whole pandemic, you will, in all likelihood, need to require your employees and customers to wear a mask.  If customers walk in without a mask, be prepared to offer them a complimentary and disposable one to wear while in your establishment. Provide masks to your employees as well.

(Or you could even offer a prize for the craziest mask of the day…you might as well make it fun!) Keep in mind that legitimate medical conditions are exempting some from wearing a mask.

Be prepared for a new normal: 

There’s no getting around it — this is going to be a pretty challenging adjustment for everyone. Coach your people. Educate your customer base. Be understanding of their frustrations and fears. In time, you, your team, and your customers will settle into a new rhythm.

And always, always check your local health and government authorities. The regulations and guidelines change from state to state, so be on the watch for local requirements.  Also, check out CDC guidelines for re-opening. They’re a great resource!

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