Prepping for Temp Workers in the Summer — We’ve Got Your Back!

Busy summer seasons are not for the faint of heart. And summer’s right around the corner. You may find yourself needing to hire some temporary workers.

Follow these helpful steps to determine your hiring needs.

 1. Vacation Policies and Deadlines

One tricky thing about the summer season is that, in addition to the influx of business, employees want to go on vacation. While everyone needs time off, it leaves you in a bit of a lurch if more than one or two are gone at once. Consider setting policies, including deadlines, regarding vacation times and requests.

2. Create a Calendar

Once you know who is taking time off and create a calendar for yourself to help you visualize the scheduling structure for the summer, you may want to hold a team meeting or two to go over the strategy for covering and handling the gaps and the business.

3. Cross-train Staff

Not everyone can do every job, and there are pertinent reasons to keep some things within their departments. However, it is helpful to train employees to do jobs that are not necessarily part of their job description. That way, when employees are on vacation, there is someone who can help hold down the fort while they are gone.

4. Review Last Summers Revenue

Since most of the world was in lockdown last summer, you might need to go to 2019. But look over the past couple of summers’ revenues. Look for the rise and falls of activity. The buying patterns. The payroll gaps. The holiday rushes. Knowing ahead of the season your busiest times helps you prepare for scheduling and hiring temporary workers.

5. Partner with a Staffing Agency

Partnering with a staffing agency is always a great idea, but it is particularly crucial for seasonal and temporary work. Consider the benefits:

  • It saves you time –hiring can be a lengthy process. Searching and screening candidates; posting job listings; it all takes time. Not only do staffing agencies cover the recruiting details for you, but they also handle taxes, payroll, etc., for temp employees.
  • It saves you money –Hiring temps is more cost-effective than hiring permanent help, only to lay them off when your peak season and vacations have ended.
  • It ensures quality candidates –staffing agencies act as the middleman between you and the candidate. A reliable agency will carefully vet every candidate before sending him/her your way. Of course, the final decision is yours.
  • It reduces turnover. Since the staffing agency places top-notch workers from the start, your summer turnover is reduced, saving time, money, and headaches.

And speaking of staffing agencies, consider Hamilton Connection – your preferred agency for New England. Our team takes pleasure in connecting you with the help you need –during the summer and all year long.  Call us today!