Soft Skills — Seven Things to Make YOU Stand Out!

In competitive job markets, it is crucial to stand out! While hard skills are essential, having proficient soft skills pushes you out above the crowd of other qualified candidates — and may land you your dream job!

What Are Soft Skills?

Unlike hard skills, soft skills are unquantifiable. They are not easily measured or easily taught. They are a companion, rather than a competitor, of hard skills. They combine personality, mindset, and interpersonal aptitude. Some of these soft skills are:

  1. Positivity

Being positive does not mean you have to be an eternal-never-see-the-rain optimist, but it does mean you look for the best and see the silver lining (And choose not to grumble.) This mindset tends to be contagious and can help make a challenging situation easier for everyone.

  1. Creativity

Challenges arise – often daily. But how do you handle them? Do you tap into your creativity and try to solve the problem? Or do you pass it on to the next guy? We’ll give you a tip. Employers appreciate it when employees come to them with a problem aaannd some ideas on how to fix it. Even if it is an idea that’s a little “outside the box.”

  1. Emotional Intelligence

Someone with emotional intelligence can discern, gauge, and respond to the emotions of themselves and others. It helps them know when to speak up and when to listen. Emotional intelligence clues you into what is going on around you and helps create empathy when the situation arises.

  1. Communication Skills

Hands down, the ability to communicate well is one of the essential soft skills of all time. Period. Good communication includes body language, vocal tone, and expression. And by the way, an effective communicator is also a good listener.

  1. Collaboration and Teamwork

Going hand-in-hand with good communication, being a team player is high up there on the list. No one likes to work with someone who is all about themselves. Team players collaborate with others for the good of the whole team and the company’s long-term vision.

  1. Adaptability

Change is the only constant in life, especially in the workplace. Unwillingness to adapt makes things harder on you — and everyone else. An employee who chooses flexibility stands out and is so much enjoyable to work with.

  1. A Growth Orientated Mindset

Being willing to see yourself as always growing, always learning, and never quite arriving is not only a powerful mindset, but keeps you humble. An employer who wants to invest in his team’s growth needs people who, well, want to grow!

Why Soft Skills Are Important?

Today, business, and even consumerism, is about authenticity. People care more than ever before about who they are buying from and with who they’re doing business. In this landscape, soft skills — which in essence consist mostly of relational adeptness and awareness— are vital. The above are just a few of the traits employers consistently look for in candidates.

Having those softer, more interpersonal skills, makes you stand out in a candidate pool!

If you have a wheelhouse of both hard and soft skills, but no place to put them to use, look no further! At Hamilton Connections, we consider ourselves placement professionals –matching the right people with the right people. That next match could be yours, so call us today and let us help you take the next step in your career!