The Path to Excellence in Management

While management skills look great on a resume and are reflected in your paycheck, it can be a challenging position to fill. No, you don’t have to be the expert in every area, but you have to be aware of the needed expertise and how to obtain it. The success of your team/department rests on your shoulders, which means you –

  • Must identify and nurture your group’s varying skills, ensuring that each one is assigned the roles that fit them best and will bring the greatest benefit to the team.
  • Be able to look at the bigger picture, recognizing how it affects individuals, the group as a whole, and the mission, while also paying attention to detail.
  • Set the standards, from policies and procedures to timetables to acceptable conduct. In other words, you set the example.

A successful manager is a strong leader, who –

Shows Genuine Appreciation: Studies show that public praise is hugely inspirational to team members, providing it’s genuine.  Recognize, acknowledge, and express appreciation for each team member’s strong points and contributions.

Offers Constructive Criticism: Most people want to know how they can improve and grow. Sometimes hard things have to be said to change bad habits. It’s your job to deliver the message, but season your words with grace and kindness.

Accept Responsibility: Sometimes, you will be the one who messed up. Own up, and take responsibility. Apologize when appropriate and find a solution.

Empower Your Team: Micromanaging has never worked, and it never will. Empower your team by giving them the authority that matched their responsibility. Assign them their role and then step back and let them fulfill it. Extending trust and confidence produces personal accountability.

Be Transparent – Communicate: Ensure that everyone knows everything they need to know.

Give Credit Where Credit Is Due: You are the manager of a ‘team’ or a department. When a project is completed,  a crucial deadline is met, a breakthrough happens, take the credit as a team – not as a manager.

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