Thought of Trying Temp-to-Hire? 

From time to time, every business finds itself needing extra hands on deck. It could be seasonal overflow. It could be during maternity or disability leave. Or it could be an extra-large project or order. For whatever reason – it happens.

Rather than over-staffing with a new permanent hire, temporary workers (also known as “temps”) can fill the gap. While temps are a short-term solution, another option (with some long-range vision) is “temp-to-hire” positions.

What is Temp-to-Hire? 

Typically, a temp-to-hire is contracted via a staffing agency, and hired for a brief stint, with the possibility of a permanent position. During this time, they are not eligible for benefits, or paid time off. The temporary period usually lasts three to six months, at which point the employer may, or may not, offer a permanent role. The reality of this is contingent hinges on economic or structural shifts within the company and the employee’s performance.

Once the employer offers a permanent job, they become fully responsible for all employee benefits and training.

The Benefits of Temp-to-Hire. 

Temp-to-hire is incredibly beneficial to both the employer and the employee.

For example, it benefits the employer by allowing them to explore different roles within the company and diverse candidates.

Additionally, it reduces risk. Rather than an employer spending valuable resources on finding, on-boarding, and giving benefits to an employee that doesn’t pan out, the staffing company matches the employer with a candidate that is already a good fit. Plus, this method of hiring also reduces turnover. (Who doesn’t want less turnover?!)

A quick note to the employer –

Use that temporary period to evaluate your own needs. Ask yourself if this role is necessary and how it affects productivity. But also assess the candidate. The position itself becomes superfluous, but the candidate may be a keeper and fill a different role altogether.

Working with a staffing company makes this whole process much easier!  Find a staffing company you trust, and communicate your long-term vision regarding both the candidate and the position. It gives the agency context for matching you with the right candidate.

The benefits to the employee are also considerable. It provides flexibility, while allowing candidates to explore different career paths without an initial commitment, and determine if a company is a good fit.

So, to all you candidates out there –

Remember, the temporary period is like an extended interview. You have the chance to show your employer your skills, rather than merely talking about them during the interview. Be sure to:

  • Treat the job like it is already permanent.
  • Build relationships with other employees, and with higher-ups.
  • Demonstrate initiative in growth.
  • Show interest in the company and its vision.
  • Give 110% every single day.

We talked a couple of times about the benefit of working with a staffing agency through the temp-to-hire process, and we would love to be that staffing agency for you! At Hamilton Connections, we pride ourselves on being placement specialists, where we make your life simpler by placing the right people with the right people. Give us a call today, and let’s get started!